The philosophy of our company for responsible mining activity.

At KARYSTOLITHOS, representing the social and economic prosperity of the areas in which we operate, and always guided by the protection of natural resources, our responsible mining activity and sustainable, sustainable development, are integral parts of our company philosophy. In the beautiful mountains of Karystos, where we mine the famous natural Greek stone of Karystos, we are constantly striving for an even smaller reduced footprint in the environment. That is why we have designed and implemented one of the most comprehensive environmental care and rehabilitation programs in the area. The project records the quality of the local ecosystem, taking into account in addition to the elements of the environment (soil and water resources) dust, noise and seismicity, in more than 80 checkpoints, with the sole aim of complete replenishment of the surface trench after the end of the holding. Man is a part of nature, he is the mother of all, and when he fights it he is a war against himself because nature only wins, it does not know extinction but only transformation. That is why we humans, in order to survive, first of all must constantly protect it! This is what all of us, the people of Karystolithos, have in mind.