Karystian Natural Stone Brown-Green Color (squared or irregular shape)

-Karystian slabs of natural stone in brown-green color.

Karystos stone is a natural decorative and construction stone that has been used around the world for many centuries in architecture and decoration. It is extremely durable and with very good insulating properties for different climatic conditions. They come from natural rocks (stone volumes) that are torn into thin sheets in a direction perpendicular to the compression direction. Its original irregular shape with bright colors, messy waters and intense performances, pleasantly surprises the eye by giving a more earthy tone to any space. Available in free physical form or after processing in any shape of your choice. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use such as: floors, stairs, fireplace, swimming pools, wall coverings, arches, tables, benches, balconies, courtyards, squares, streets, gardens, etc. The thickness of this natural rock ranges from 1.3 cm to more than 10 cm for projects of special specifications, while other dimensions, such as width and length, can be shaped according to your needs. They are packaged and shipped in pallets.

Famous Greek Natural Karystian Stone. Green brown
Karystos irregular green brown
Ακανόνιστες πλάκες Καρύστου πράσινο-καφέ χρώμα
The Famous Natural Karystian Slates Green Brown Color
Πλάκες Καρύστου πράσινοκαφέ
πλακα καρυστου τιμη
Natural Greek Karystos Irregular Green Brown
karystian slate stones
πλακες καρυστου
Natural Greek Karystos Squared Green Brown
Greek Karystos Squared Green Brown

Ακανόνιστες πλάκες Καρύστου πράσινο καφέ χρώμα
Ακανόνιστες πλάκες Καρύστου Mαύρο-Καφέ Χρώματος