How do the Fats get out of the Karystian Natural Stone?

A natural stone with stains is your nightmare?

Oil stains and fat stains are sometimes very difficult to remove and the risk of damage to the surface is real. The oil penetrates deeply into the ornamental rock pores and creates stains which must be removed as soon as possible, otherwise they become particularly persistent. Also, the fat can penetrate deep under the surface creating dark stains. In the market you will find many options from companies that have created “stain removers” for natural rocks that protect without destroying the final finish. As much beauty as the natural stone of Karystos is unfair to lose.

Other smart tips for cleaning such difficult stains are: 1) natural green soap, 2) babyoil, 3) a small flame with a LPG vial. where when you burn the surface with the organic remains of the oil for a while, they are burned immediately and there is a black woman left with a short washing.4) Paints Varnishes: First remove the paint droplets from the surface of the rock with a very thin spatula, taking care not to damage the surface. 5. The stains in the rock shall be removed using the appropriate varnish removal fluid (methyl chloride, chlorinated hydrocarbons, etc.), applied in small quantities on the stain. The procedure is repeated. In the market there are companies offering multiple solutions to clean the natural stone of Karystos.

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