Do it yourself: I place Natural Petra Karystou

Useful advice to save time and money by building your own environment configuration

Fixed substrate

For best results with the natural stone of Karystos Specify the surface you want to cover. To place slates, place marks on the ground. The marks are necessary to center the final drawing and to cut as few plates as possible.

Dig the surface with a buckle or a straight shovel at least 10 cm deep, giving a small inclination to the surface for rainwater drainage. Compress the ground so that it is fully solid and if necessary place additional stones, gravel, broken bricks. Then lay out gravel for alignment (at least 3- 4cm thick) and then the mixture blended into concrete or hand (sand-cement-water) The mixture is evenly matched with a buckle held upside down, with the teeth pointing up, giving a small call so that the waters are easier to flee.

After two days, soak the plate and spread a powder layer about 3 cm at a particular corner point. Place the stones at this particular point by attaching them together (remove pieces if necessary), always leaving space for the joint. Strike the stones with a rubber hammer to make them fixed – they are well pressed. Check alignment and required tilt.

It will be necessary to wet the gaps between the plates after 2-3 days of application, and fill them with the mortar with a muscle. Quickly clean the slutted plates before dry and make it harder. With a spatula, you rub the unnecessary material out immediately. All you have left to be impressed by the natural Costu stone is to pass a waterproof matte varnish. The result will prove you right..

Finally, to be placed directly on the ground create openings deeper than the final surface (5-6 cm) and spread approximately 3-4 cm sand substrate. Then place the natural Corestos stone very well so it is stable, with the help of a small wood and hammer tap to press properly. The stones shall be slightly below the surface of the ground so that the cutting machine passes without risk of accident. Cover the edges with soil and plant lawn.

krystose slates fixation
fixing elegantly krystose plates
 fix chipped krystose marble edge