The Karystian Natural Stone in the Construction of a Pool for Business or Residence

The pool is a particular piece of study in the process of architectural design of a structure, whether we are talking about business areas such as tourism and entertainment (hotels, cafes, beach bar, gymnasiums, fitness studios, health care facilities), or in residential areas, internal or external, open or housed.

The materials used in the design of a pool vary according to their type and cost, and may be natural materials (marble, rock, wood) or technical (ceramics, concrete, plastics (PVC)). An elegant and safe pool that brings new customers into the business every day will bring greater value than a cheap solution that people avoid using, and we should take this seriously when selecting the materials to be applied. Karystos natural stone gives exotic luxury and warmth to any application.

Why would I choose a natural stone for the pool?

The Greek Famoys Karystian Natural Stone ensures high strength, quality, timeliness and unparalleled aesthetics. Moreover, the use of natural stone over other materials in any construction achieves both the aesthetic and qualitative upgrading of construction, as from the age of age it is considered to be a material symbol of high quality, aesthetics and luxury, often characterizing the social position of its owners!

It is worth mentioning that the application of modern technologies to the processing of natural stone can give different views to the material (matte, chart, polished, combed, etc.) which is fully in line with modern or classical structures. In this way it can be easily combined and connected in harmony with any other structural material, as well as time makes it more beautiful and more valuable in modern construction. Finally, its ecological nature is an excellent choice for sustainable and sustainable architectural applications.

What should I know before I decide?

The Karystian Natural Stone can be applied to almost every surface of a pool, in the surrounding area, in the walls, in the floodgates, in the phases and in the sowraps, in the rainchannels. The wide variety of colors and surface processing satisfy both legal requirements and construction regulations, and any architectural and ornamental aesthetics.

The main factors determining the cost of a pool are the quality and dimensions of the materials, the design of the pool and, of course, the nature of the materials. Corestos natural rocks are resilient and economical!

Is a pool of natural stone safe?

There is no risk to safety since the stones we produce for use in swimming pools pass through special processing (using techniques such as ammodosis, brushing, aging and hitting) that provides an anti-slip finish. The rocks are also corroded to protect them from moisture and chemical water cleaners. At the same time, erosion makes natural rocks more resistant to all kinds of stains (e.g. oil, coffee, soft drinks) and protects them from extreme weather conditions and erosion

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