Natural Stone Pertinent

The significance of the Memo in the natural stone.

The device is a very important step towards the proper completion of construction as it protects against erosion (rain, air) which can cause cracks and destruction of this part of the building. It excludes entry into unwanted insects that like to nest in the joints, provides better soundproofing conditions, and finally it shapes the very nice aesthetic of a stone structure, as it usually emphasizes its own stones. Τhe wonderful waters of the natural stone of Karystos give a special warmth to every space.

Task Order:

Important energy before adaptation is good cleaning from old sockets and previous joints, with the help of a pressurized machine with water, and we allow it to dry very well. Then we mix our mix with the help of concrete or electrical tools, making sure we make a homogeneous mix, not too nerky to stand, but not too dry to easily pass through the joints and spread properly.

With the help of a thin spatula, we fill the gaps of the joints, trying to get our material into the cavities of the joints as deep as possible. We stop as soon as they are well filled and a mountain is formed between the two stones and let it dry. Before the mixture is dry for good and hardened, using the same spatula, remove the extra material that we put together while compressing the mixture in the outline of the stones. We let it get a little harsher, and with the help of a hard brush, we clean the stones and we melt the joint even more so that it comes in the same straight as the natural plate. Attention, he wants us not to leave the hardware and it gets tough, and we can’t work on it.

The last piece of work that highlights the whole structure is the stone polish dye, which emphasizes its color (as if it were wet) and seals the wall from the water, forming a waterfall. If the joint is white and needs another coloring, we can color the joint. This can be done by using gray cement (gray grate), by adding a ceramidal powder (ceramic number), or by adding another color to the powder when the material is created. You’ll find a lot of colors and varnishes in the marketplace that fit the greek natural Karistos stone.

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