Any Damages & Repairs.

How do I fix:

If any piece of stone needs to be changed this is very easy since we follow the method, ”one take out-one put”, and this is an advantage of natural Karystos stone. Clean the old material well and slightly rough the substrate to better stick the new mud or tile glue. Then place the new piece, later in 2-3 days the joint and we are done. The creation of material for both the substrate and the grouting can be done with cement, or tile glue.

In the case of only a few cracks with a small opening, it is sufficient to cover with a special resin-resistant thick material at the cracks opened, of course cleaning is required before. And finally we apply and infuse with the special transparent hydrophobic acrylic resin, which, when it dries, really makes the place beautiful, ties perfectly to the surface, and at the same time protects the rock from the years, the sun, the cold or the heat. For reasons of uniformity, sealing and anti-slip protection, as well as against stains, it is recommended to apply to the whole surface at the same time.

krystose fixes with plastering
 fix chipped krystose marble edge
repair cracked  krystose marble countertop